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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our FAQ's to better understand the evaluation process. If you have further questions that are not discussed below, feel free to reach out to us at for assistance. We are happy to help you navigate this process.

Q: Can more than one evaluation be completed in a day?


A: Yes. If more than one type of evaluation is required, they can be scheduled in the same day, based on the evaluators' availability. We will provide breaks between and opportunities for snacks and drinks of water, and if we notice fatigue that would significantly impact the evaluation process, we can reschedule the remaining evaluation(s) for another time.


Q: How can we best prepare for the evaluation(s)?


A: The best way to prepare is to let your child know that they will be evaluated and why. Tying the need for evaluation back to a relatable experience they had in their challenge area in school will help them understand the need for the evaluation(s). Getting good sleep the night before, eating prior to the evaluation, and bringing along snacks and a drink are also very helpful.


Q: Will I be in the room with my child during the duration of the evaluation(s)?


A: We recommend that you remain close by to the Evaluation Center for the duration of the evaluation(s), but it is not necessary to remain in the room the entire time. This would allow for your child to connect with you during their scheduled breaks between sections/evaluations.


Q: Can you be part of our child's IEP meeting?


A: Yes. Since parents are an equal member of the IEP process, you get to decide and approve who attends IEP meetings. If you would like the evaluator to be part of the meeting, we recommend discussing this with your child's case manager prior to the meeting so that the evaluator can be added to the meeting attendance list. (It is required by law that parents/guardians approve the list of attendees for IEP meetings prior to the meeting date.) If you feel that more support will be required and are interested in contacting us for Advocacy services, please see the Advocacy and Consultation Services page on our website, or email us at for more information on how our Advocates can help.


Q: How will the evaluation(s) affect my child's IEP?


A: Since our Evaluation Center is an NJ DOE-approved center for administering evaluations, your child's school district must accept the outcome of the evaluation(s) that are NJ-DOE approved, which include: 




 Social History

Occupational Therapy

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