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Evaluation Center

How are our evaluations different?

NJDOE Approved

The NJ Dept. of Education has approved us to contract directly with districts.  (Agency #21 8600 687)

Comprehensive Reports

All evaluations include assessments hand picked for your child based on their profile and clear recommendations.

Expert Evaluators

Our evaluation team has been chosen to represent the best in their respective fields. Each one of them put the child at the forefront of their work.

Welcoming Setting

Our offices were intentionally chosen to allow visitors to feel relaxed and calm. We have created a space where all are welcome. 

Accessible Information

Each report is written to ensure that parents/guardians, school staff, etc. can grasp the information and have ideas for practical application of the recommendations. 


The goal of every person on AdvocacyNJ's is to collaborate with school districts and provide resources to support children. 


Our evaluation center provides comprehensive, individualized assessments with functional information. 

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Our Educational Evaluations may include assessment of reading, writing, math, academics, and executive function skills. 

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Speech & Language

Our Speech & Language Evaluations may include assessment of receptive language, expressive language, phonological processing, articulation, voice, auditory memory, pragmatics, and literacy. 

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Our Psychological Evaluations may include assessment of cognitive ability, giftedness, academics, behavior, and more! 

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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy Evaluations may include fine and gross motor skills, visual motor integration, visual perception or visual processing, executive functioning, life skills, and sensory integration.

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Social History

Our Social History Evaluations may include assessment pertaining to the interpersonal, familial and environmental variables which influence a student’s general adaptation to school or life. This can include reporting of family composition, family history, developmental history of the student, health of the student, family interaction, gender identity, trauma, etc. 

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Assistive Technology 

Our Assistive Technology evaluation may include review, observation, interaction, technology trials, or pointed questionnaires to determine which tech would "level the playing field" for the user. 

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