AdvocacyNJ is working to:


provide advocacy services to families to ensure their children are being provided a free appropriate education;

Advocacy Services will be billed at $155 hourly

  • Guidance in navigating the special education process

  • Consultation with service providers, CST, teachers, parents

  • IEP and/or 504 Plan Review (previous, current, proposed)

  • Evaluation record review

  • Meeting with child to discuss disability, accommodations, or advocacy plan

  • Assistance with drafting letters and emails 

  • Attendance at meetings or appointments 

  • Travel time

provide self advocacy resources, educational, and clinical resources for the state of NJ;


provide scholarships for diagnostic and/or clinical evaluations, educator training;


Scholarship applications created to provide the opportunity to have financial assistance for evaluations and/or training for professionals. Recipients will be screened by executive director and final decisions by board members. 


provide and/or sponsor educational training workshops for families and professionals.


Develop the following workshops to provide on an ongoing basis: advocating for the special needs child (4-6 week series). How to start a SEPAC in your school (3 week) series- Also, other workshops with qualified professionals offered as able.