AdvocacyNJ is working to:


- provide advocacy services to families to ensure their children are being provided a free appropriate education;

- provide self advocacy resources, educational, and clinical resources for the state of NJ;

- provide scholarships for diagnostic and/or clinical evaluations, educator training;

- provide and/or sponsor educational training workshops for families and professionals.

AdvocacyNJ is working to create systemic change in our education system. With each designated donation or family that pays for advocacy services, we are able to add money to our scholarship fund. 


The following scholarships are available:


  • Scholarship funds to provide Advocacy Services within AdvocacyNJ;

  • Scholarship funds to pay for an AdvocacyNJ Training or Workshop;

  • Scholarship funds to attend a workshop for continuing education or training;

  • Scholarship funds for a diagnostic and/or clinical evaluation.


Scholarship parameters:


  • Scholarship funding is not guaranteed. Applications will be screened by the Executive Director and final decision will be by Executive Board Members.

  • In your application, please include the specific details: 1. How will you be using the scholarship? (training names, evaluation type, doctors, etc.)  2. Why you are requesting the scholarship? 3. How much funding are you requesting? 4. What is one thing you wish more people understood about disabilities? 

  • Applications can take 1-3 months to process.  


To apply for a scholarship, fill out our Scholarship application.