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Adult Evaluations

Our team is skilled at evaluating adults in cognitive ability, academic skills, and more!  Whether you have a diagnosed disability or are simply struggling, we are experts in finding the answers. Our evaluators are ready to support you- no one should be on their journey alone. To start the process, please email or fill out our inquiry form below. 


Ages 18+

Comprehensive Evaluation $1400- includes extensive record review, personalized assessment plan, clinical interpretations, recommendations for workplace accommodations, and referrals.



All pieces of the comprehensive evaluation with: Documentation meeting all federal, state, and institutional requirements for workplace or continuing education accommodations/modifications, official letter of diagnosis, Identification of pertinent legal protections, recommendations for assistive technology, further exploration of executive functioning strengths and weaknesses. 


50% deposit is required to schedule evaluation. 

Remaining balance is due upon report completion and required before the release of the report.


Email or call 609-358-0914 with any questions or to be guided through our process. 

Required Forms:

Initial Evaluation Form, Ages 18+

Preliminary Diagnostic Clinical Interview Form

Once we have received all pertinent information for creating an individualized assessment plan, we will schedule the evaluation appointment. Reports are typically available 2-4 weeks after all assessments have been completed. 


Fill out our Inquiry Form for more Information:

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