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Executive Function Consultation

For many adults, areas of our life are pressing down on us- making the path dark and lonely… It is so hard to know where to turn, or what will ACTUALLY help. 

When we understand our true capability, we can remove some roadblocks to allow for a clearer path. Executive Functioning impacts EVERYONE. We all have strengths and weaknesses. The key to success is understanding how to support our weaknesses and utilize our strengths. 

​An Executive Function Consultation session includes an interview driven questionnaire to CLEARLY determine your strengths and weaknesses. After your consultation, a detailed document will be provided to you to identify the areas, define them, and recommendations for accommodations or modifications you could request in the workplace or other arenas. 

​ Many adults use this as a starting point to direct therapy or advocate for themselves in their workplace. 

Executive Function Coaching

For some of us, a consultation is not quite enough.

We have created an Executive Function Coaching program that lasts 8 sessions. It begins with our initial consultation and then is individualized specifically to your needs.

Some adults need support and guidance in defining their career goals. Other adults use this program to evaluate concrete areas of their life to continue further in specific therapeutic work. And some coaching clients need overall support in bridging all of life’s many facets.

Whatever the need, a clear plan is made following the consultation to address goals and needs professionally and personally.


We are able to provide consultation to related professionals serving children. Many of these providers have told us that they often feel like a "silo," working in their expertise without a support team. We are willing and HAPPY to be your support. 

- Clinicians benefit from receiving guidance in effective report writing to advocate for their patients.

- Educators benefit from receiving guidance in best practice and research in curriculum and programming, training in IEP goal writing, understanding special education, and effectively supporting their students. 

- Lawyers benefit from consultation regarding programming and curriculum needs of a child or the best clinician referral.

All individuals that work with children in our state have access to our curriculum and evaluation lending library. This allows more children and families to benefit from best practice and up to date tools. 


As a company, school, or religious organization, you work with neurodiverse populations on a regular basis. At times, it can be difficult to understand how to create a community that is inclusive and effective in your DEI measures. By partnering with us, we will assist you in creating an actionable plan with a skilled, neurodiverse individual overseeing the process. 

This can include accessibility, human resource processes, training programs, and more. 


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