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School-Age (5-17)

The following evaluations are provided by our skilled team: Psychological*, Educational*, Speech/Language*, Social History*, Occupational Therapy*, Assistive Technology, and Executive Functioning.



Ages 5-17

Comprehensive Evaluation $1400- includes extensive record review, personalized assessment plan, clinical interpretations, recommendations, and referrals.

+$600 (available as part of psychological and educational)

All pieces of the comprehensive evaluation with: exhaustive timeline review of previous testing and provided supports, special education eligibility criteria, recommendations for accommodations/modifications, IEP goal development, spec programming recommendations.


50% deposit is required to schedule evaluation. 

Remaining balance is due upon report completion and required before the release of the report.


Email or call 609-358-0914 to get started. Or, simply fill out this Intake Form

We will also ask for your child's records. Here is a template letter to use for requesting all records from your child's school. 

Once we have received all pertinent information for creating an individualized assessment plan, we will schedule the evaluation appointment. Reports are typically available 2-4 weeks after all assessments have been completed. 

*NJDOE approved 

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