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Our Story

Erica Twitchell, M.B.A., has had successful careers in education, corporate management, and small business development. Erica has combined her talents with her passion to create a winning system of education advocacy for children. She fights for students to receive the support they need - and are entitled to by law - from their school district. With her keen, first-hand understanding of the special education process, Erica brings the complicated world of IEPs and 504s into clear focus with ease and professionalism.


When her experience with her own school-aged children collided with her strong sense of equity and fairness, Erica turned her passion into practice. She has committed herself to regular training and continued education to ensure best practices in the world of educational services.


Erica’s goal is to ensure every child has the opportunity to fulfill their potential with thoughtful, knowledge-driven, and passionate support. When parents agree to partner with her, they quickly learn just how many resources are available to help their child succeed. And children quickly realize that, for them, like all students, the sky is the limit.   

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