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Comprehensive IEP Review Package 


Do you worry that your child’s programming may not be effective? Has your child’s school clearly explained each part of the IEP? Have you been provided actual data to determine if the IEP goals are effective? Do you ever question the progress your child is making in school?


Our team is here to help.


We offer a comprehensive package that includes:


  • Reviewing and comparing up to 3 years of IEPs to determine overlaps, progress, and overall effectiveness.

  • Analyzing IEP progress reports and providing you with an easy-to-understand document that breaks down each IEP goal and where your child is in their progress.

  • Reviewing and analyzing your child’s most recent evaluations and comparing programming to identified needs.

  • Personalized recommendations for: further evaluations, professional recommendations, questions to ask in IEP meetings, and/or recommendations for accommodations/modifications.

  • A 30 minute follow-up meeting with one of our Advocates to answer any questions.


Package Price $999

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